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Super Slush Bath Jelly Set

Super Slush Bath Jelly Set

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Super Slush is super fun and turns bathwater to a coloured slush, and then back to water of a different colour! A set of three, Red, Blue and Yellow.

390 g. Each


Two-part pack of delight. A powder to create slush, and another to change back to water.
Turns an ordinary bath into a playground of coloured slush for your kids. It is great fun and kids love it.
When they have finished playing in the slush, simply turn it back into a different coloured water.
It is safe for your kids and the bath. It will not stain the bath, tiles, carpets nor towels.


How to Make Super Slush
Fill the bath with 50 litres of warm water, at the right temperature for the kids. This is approximately 8 cm deep for the typical South African bath. Take the sachet marked “STEP 1” and give it a shake. Open the sachet and sprinkle ALL the contents evenly over the surface of the water, from a close distance. Don’t stir, leave the powder to dissolve for 5 minutes. Then gently stir the water and mix any colour streaks in the slush.
NOW let the kids get in and have fun!

How to Change Super Slush back to Water
While the kids are still in the bath, open the sachet marked “STEP 2”. Sprinkle ALL the contents of the sachet over the surface of the slush. Vigorously stir the slush, and watch it turn back into water of a different colour over a few minutes. Add some extra water to the bath if necessary. The kids can continue playing in the coloured water. A small amount of residue will be left at the bottom of the bath, as well on your child. Simply rinse this down the drain when you empty the bath. Also rinse-off your child with fresh water.


Sodium Polyacrylate, Sodium Chloride, Parfum (Fragrance), may contain CI17200 (Red 33), CI16035 (Red 40), CI42090 (Blue 1), CI19140 (Yellow 5).


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