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Roll-It Body and Craft Paint

Roll-It Body and Craft Paint

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A brightly coloured Roller Paint, ideal to encourage creativity at home, in the bath or during craft projects. Sit in the bath and roll the paint over the skin.  Or paint on paper or board to create fun artworks. No spillage. Available in Red, Blue and Yellow, mix Yellow and Blue to create Green.

50ml each.


Creative Play - Encourage creativity with abstract streaks of colour.

Colour Awareness - Ask them to identify all the colours. Teach them how to create secondary colours by mixing the yellow and blue paint to create green. Create a streak of colour on one arm in and then another on the other arm in a different colour and then ask your child to identify the colours.

Fine Motor Skills – The Roller Ball Tube is great for young children to develop fine motor skills, by involving small wrist movements to create colourful pictures and streaks.

Pincer Grip – Holding Roller Ball Tube between their fingers will teach them to how to hold a pencil for writing.

Hand Eye Co-ordination – draw a pattern and ask your child to copy the picture and make their own next to yours.

Strengthening of Arm Muscles – Ask your child to use a cloth/sponge with soap and wash off their own creations. The repetitive motions on the skin are important for strengthening arm muscles. Make it into a game, how fast can they wipe the pictures off, only wipe the red off first, followed by the blue etc.


Use the roller-ball as a brush, on skin or paper. Using on wet or dry skin, use warm water with a cloth and soap to gently wash off the skin. These paints or not intended for use on the bath tiles or the bath. They cannot be applied to any slippery or slick surface, other from wet skin.

Intended for crafts and skin only. Test before use. Colourants may stain porous surfaces or fabrics. Excess usage of paint or leaving the paint on skin for many hours, will result in extra scrubbing , soap and warm water to remove. Wash colour from skin before using a towel. Do not leave paints submerged in the bath water, place lid on and store in an upright position. Use with adult supervision. Do not eat.

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