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Push 'n Pull Putty Sets

Push 'n Pull Putty Sets

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Modelling putty which provides endless hours of imaginative play, making objects, shapes and models.

Three sets available:

All Colours Set: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Turquoise.
Primary Colours Set: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.
Funky Colours Set: Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise.

90 ml Each


Colour Awareness
A unique fun and educational putty which teaches children to experiment with colour mixing and combinations.
Teaches children to recognise primary colours and how to make secondary colours by mixing primary shades..

Fine Motor Skills
The Putty encourages the development of fine motor skills, by involving small motions of the fingers and hands, to create their masterpieces.

Tactile Sensory Integration
Creates a wonderful tactile experience for youngsters as they feel, squeeze and mould then putty .

Creative Play
Stimulates the imagination to make creative shapes and objects.


Using small amounts, mould and shape with your fingers. Close the container to prevent the putty from drying out.

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