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Colour & Wash - Banana & Monkey

Colour & Wash - Banana & Monkey

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A Colour-in picture for use in the bath. Sticks to tiles when wet, and coloured-in with Acornkids Bath Crayons. Wipe clean and use over and over again. Fun and creative!

Size: 225 x 225 mm


The simple and fun activity of colouring-in has many benefits. In addition to keeping children entertained, it is a key cognitive developmental step for toddlers, as it plays an important role in colour recognition and object recognition. It also helps develop their hand strength, motor skills, visual perception and precision skills. It increases attention span, boosts confidence, and can improve descriptive language skills.


Colour & Wash Stickers are used in the bath. They stick to the tiles when wet. Colour the pictures using Acornkids Bath Crayons, which are designed for use in the bath. Completed pictures can be washed-off with soapy water, and the sticker used again and again.

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