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C: Sand Art Kit (A4) - ELEPHANTS

C: Sand Art Kit (A4) - ELEPHANTS

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A lovely Kids Bee Happy sand art kit that comes with a card, a picker, a sleeve to protect the picture, picture hook to hang the card, and six tubes of 7g sand (Colours may vary)

Size:  A4  (210 x 297 mm)


Kids Bee Happy Sand Art helps children to grow and supports physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. Sand painting is fun and exciting, and helps:
> develop creativity.
> focus on details.
> hand-eye coordination.
> communicate emotions and feelings.
> learn sizes, shapes, patterns and designs.
> develop fine motor coordination.
> develop hand muscle mobility.
> decision-making skills.
> choosing colours.
> develops confidence - it is simple with good results.


Sand Art is very simple and produces exceptional results. Work with your picture in a tray, this keeps everything under control.
1. Use the plastic lifter to lift the corner of a panel.
2. Peel off the panel overlay to reveal the sticky underneath.
3. Choose a sand colour, and sprinkle it gently over the sticky section. Use enough sand and go over the edges.
4. Lift the picture and tap the excess sand onto the tray. This sand can then be put back into the bottle.
5. Keep going, colouring all the sections in different colours, until you have finished your picture.
6. Fit the hanger and hang on your wall!

CAUTIONS: If any sand gets spilt, vacuum it up. Do not use a wet cloth or water, as this might can stain certain surfaces. Sand art requires adult supervision and is not suitable for children below 3 years due to small parts. Do not eat the sand.

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