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Bath Puzzle - Spring

Bath Puzzle - Spring

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A fun bath and shower puzzle, which can also be a table puzzle. The puzzle has 9 pieces, which float on the water and stick to the tiles when wet. Use the picture on the front of the container to guide you to put it together. When finished simply place it back into its water-resistant container. 
Puzzles are made from high quality 2mm thick EVA foam and vinyl.

Completed puzzle is 225 x 225 mm.


A selection of bath puzzles for young kids. Designed to teach young children problem solving skills and improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and give pride in achievement.
They float on water, they stick to tiles when wet, they’re fun! Each puzzle has 9 pieces. Use the picture to guide you to put it together. Can be used on tiles or tabletop.


Each puzzle has 9 square pieces. The picture on the container can be used as a guide to assembly. The corner pieces each have a small star to help identify the corners.

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