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Angel Powder Set

Angel Powder Set

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Colour Powders that change the colour of water. Children experiment making secondary colours by mixing the primary colours. Shake a little of the powder into water, and watch it magically change into an extravaganza of colour.

A set of three colours, Red, Yellow and Blue.
125 g. Each


Colour Awareness – teach your child how to identify primary colours and make secondary colours. Red + Yellow= Orange (Nemo Bath); Blue + Red = Purple (Barney Bath); Blue + Yellow = Green (Shrek Bath).

Your child will learn about shades and intensities by playing with the different amounts and levels of powder they add to the bath. Each colour has a different fruity smell to stimulate the sense of smell.

Sodium Bicarbonate is the key ingredient which softens the water. Ideal for sun stressed skin as the Sodium Bicarbonate has a soothing effect on sunburnt skin. Perfect for children with sensitive skin or eczema.

Food-grade colours and flavourants are approved, safe for use and non-toxic. Safe for use for pregnant moms to bath with their kids and safe for baby too.

Some more ideas
Art Play – mix the Angel Powder with a drop of water to make finger paints, and simply add more powder for a darker shade.
Texture and Tactile – make Angel Powder ice cubes of many different colours. Great to feel the icy coldness of the cube in contrast to the warm water and watch the ice dissolve and release colour into the bath.
Creative – Fill vases with the coloured water at parties for fun-coloured flower arrangements.
Affordable – Angel Powder makes a fun and affordable gift for kiddie's parties.


Sprinkle into water as required, or into your child’s hand for them to add it into the water.


Sodium Bicarbonate, the main ingredient softens the water, can ease sunburn and is safe for children with excema.


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