These testimonials are from verified purchases of Acornkids products.

Julie V
Bring on the Kaleidofoam! We emptied the plastic splashing shell and threw in some Bathpops and purple Kaleidofoam. What fun – both girls thoroughly enjoyed this. Squishing and squeezing the foamy cream between their fingers and toes and searching for the foam sea creatures from the Bathpops. They also learnt new textures and learnt how to identify the colours and creatures from the Bathpops. The smell of the Kaleidofoam takes you into another world and the texture is what I would imagine it to feel like if one had to touch clouds.

John P
My kiddies was mal oor die BathBombs met die creature in dit. Dit het die water geel and rooi gemaak en toe later groen. En ook agter gekom mens kan die creature teen die teels drik and dan bly hy daar.

Sharon C
My seven-year-old daughter and four-year-old got sun-burnt and came home like red tomatoes. I heard Angel Powder is good for sunburn, so I put some in the bath and they had no pain after bathing. Thank you for the lovely products, I will be buying more.

Marie vdK
I bought two wooden puzzles for my daughters. I was so impressed with the quality of the puzzles. No sharp edges for the cutting out, the pieces fit perfectly and were big enough for even an 18-month-old to manoeuvre. The vibrant colours (which are definitely hand painted) and the little, small details are amazing. They are sturdy and non-breakable. I will definitely buy the rest of the set.

Ek love die Puffy Paint. My kind het gedink dit is vet pret om haar te verf en dit laat haar velletjie lekker sag voel. Sy LOVE LOVE LOVE die Bathpops en het seker n halfhuur met dit in die kryte gespeel.

Henriette vS
Baie danke vir my Acornkids pakkie, die kinders is sommer nog meer opgewonde om te bad. Die Bath Crayons en Bathpops is hulle gunsteling. En ek is baie verbaas oor hoe maklik dit skoonmaak.

Janice K
I have been using all sorts of soaps and shampoo on my girls. I always find kid’s shampoo dried their hair out, so I have always used conditioner after shampoo. Well, since testing and using Gloop I will not be using any other product on them for bath time. It smells amazing, makes their hair soft (without using conditioner) and the bright colours make my girls excited for bath time.

Cindy N
I absolutely love Acornkids products, my daughter suffers from eczema and being a little girl wants to have bubbles and all the nice stuff, but for a while she could not, that was before I found Acornkids. Now she can have all the special baths she wants.

Joanne C
We all know who Cleopatra was! The lady that bathed in milk. If you want to feel like her, take one soap putty and put it in your bath. Oooohh, a milky smooth bath with an amazing smell.

Gloop is one of my TOP products. Since I travel quite a bit to and from family, the Gloop serves me very well.
Being a top-to-toe wash, I need only ONE product for body, hair and hands. While this is super convenient, there is a downfall: family insist that I leave the bottle with them! This means that I must keep a stock at home!

Whether you're trying to tame baby eczema, need a face wash for yourself, or messy play! Acornkids has it all! I enjoy all of the products. I personally use the skin care range. My little one loves all of the bath time and messy play products, we have so much fun, and she is always learning! From colours to sensory!

More. Baie danke vir my Risso Aloe Scrub. Joe kon nie glo hoeveel scrub hy in het nie, nie eens te praat van hoe lekker dit scrub. Ek het besluit om nie room aan te sit dat ek kan voel hoe my vel sal voel. Die ander scrubs los mens se vel so droog. Maar die Risso Aloe Scrub glad nie, my vel voel so sag as n baba. Ek is so bly ek het die kans gevat.